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Barbara circled the globe in 2012.

2013 will be another travel year, as well.  Seminars are being planned in Malaysia, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, Holland, many locations in India and all over the US.

Trust Birth Conference - Sept 18-22 Sydney, Australia

Midwifery Conference - October 20-23, Beijing, China

Colorado Doulas Association - Nov 9th
Denver, Colorado

Turkish Midwifery Association Conf
November 22-25, Antalya, Turkey





“It was absolutely amazing. After getting
in the water he was born in 2 hours, not once did I feel the need for any other form of pain relief. Baby was so calm, no crying, he just looked around wide eyed taking everything in.”


-Karli, mother of:


Elijah Samuel

Born at Hospital 4/9/2001

Rosebud, VIC, Australia


submitted 3/21/2007









"After 8 hours of labor (most of them in our birth pool set up inside our house) our daughter was water born... amazing experience, the warm water was essential... This is our second child and is a vaginal birth after cesarean. We can really tell now: this is the best way to have a baby :-)."

~ Saul, father of:

Born at home

Monterrey, Mexico




“I was free to labor in a warm tub and also within my husband's embrace, and upon the point of delivery my joyful blessing was to able to push with my body, and pull with my own arms, my dear daughter -out of me and into a warm and welcome embrace also. Lovely!”
-Sharlene, mother of:


Talia Gwenn
Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital


Maya was born in water, using a deep relaxation birthing method of HypnoBirthing. My early labor was very easy, so much so that it was difficult to distinguish it as labor at all. As my surges progressed and strengthened I opened and relaxed and my labor progressed quickly. The environment was incredibly calming and reassuring - quite a contrast from the hospital birth of my first daughter. The water supported and relaxed my body and tissues, and Maya was born easily and gently after only approximately 2 hours of (noticeable) labor. Given a typical, healthy pregnancy with no special circumstances, I would now never birth my baby any other way.


Cori ~ mother of:


Born 8/30/2007

Baby Love Birth Center

Ft. Meyers, FL

Welcome to Waterbirth International

We are dedicated to making waterbirth an available option for all women.

Waterbirth: Easier for Moms ~ Better for Babies!




Waterbirth is felt by mothers and providers alike, to be the gentlest of gentle births.


Warm luxurious water to cradle you and give you complete freedom to move during the greatest achievement of your life. Read the comments on the pages of this site - "In Mother's Words" - The women who have experienced the support and comfort of water for their labors and held their newborns in their arms speak more than any scientific article or paper on the subject.


These are real women with real babies.


Waterbirth Credentialing and Certification Workshops
are a great success!! 

2014 will be another exciting year certifying and credentialing providers in Waterbirth Education and Training


There is current controversy about waterbirth after a joint statement from ACOG and APP was released on March 20, 2014.

Read the rebuttal that NPR WBUR reporter, Rachel Zimmerman published the following day.
Water Babies: Docs Challenge Growing Trend — Childbirth In A Tub


Here is my review of waterbirth research which refutes the ACOG/AAP opinions with actual data.

"Why Pediatricians Fear Waterbirth – Barbara Harper Reviews the Research on Waterbirth Safety"


Education is the key to successful waterbirth
practices in hospitals.

For more information or to arrange a workshop for your hospital, organization, city, or region. 

send an email to:


New 2014 Winter Workshops now open for Registration:

Waterbirth Certification Workshop
"Birth, Bath & Beyond"

ONLINE Special 6 hour class - two consecutive nights

Wednesday April 23rd & Thursday April 24th

You will receive a Certificate of Education and 6 contact hours (0.6 CEUs) awarded through ACNM

Register for this class here

Student discounts may apply - please send an email to:


Continuing education contact hours
granted for all workshops 
through the
American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM)  Program #012/028 


....Workshops were hosted in so many cities last year.... we would LOVE to visit your hospital or city and bring this dynamic workshop to you....

Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital - Laurium, Michigan

Appleton, Wisconsin - Birth Center

Kaiser Sunnyside Hospital, Portland, OR

Winter Park, Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Denver, Colorado - Hosptial

Chicago, Illinois

Hong Kong

Changsha,  China - Hospital

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Hospital

Newport, Vermont - Hospital

Atlanta, Georgia

Portland, Oregon - Hospital

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Hospital

Chetumal, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico

Hyderabad, India

New Delhi, India - Hospital

Bangalore, India

Cochin, India

Mumbai, India - Hospital

San Diego, California

Orlando, Florida

Chicago, Illinois - Hospital

Guayaquil, Ecuador - Hospital

Panama City, Panama - Hospital

David, Panama - Nursing school

Ashland, Oregon - Hospital

Cleveland, Ohio  - Hospital

Shanghai, China - Hospital

Beijing, China - Midwifery conference

Sino-UK Angel Hospital - Kunming, China 

Portland, Oregon - Hospital

Mexico City - Childbirth Education conference

Antalya, Turkey - Midwifery Conference

Dimona, Israel - Birth Center


Would you like to host a workshop in your hospital or city?

Call or email with your request.


Workshop Descriptions and Learning Objectives


For all your waterbirth supplies, books and DVDs visit


And what about the babies? Over 6000 mothers or fathers have already registered their babies on the,

"I Was Born in Water," list.  We update the list at the beginning of every month.

Your participation will help convince doctors and nurses that waterbirth is safe, easy, and the most effective drug-free choice for comfort throughout labor and birth.


"A baby is the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. In a world that is cutting down trees to build highways and losing it's earth to concrete, babies are almost the only remaining link with the natural world or the living things from which we spring."
~ Eda. J Leshan

We welcome your comments and questions and hope that we can enlighten you about the benefits of choosing the gentlest of gentle births.











Waterbirth International

PO Box 5578   Lighthouse Point, FL 33074

Tel: 954-821-9125  






New release of Gentle Birth Choices, Spanish Edition.  Now available and ready to ship right here!!


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Our Favorite Birth Pool is

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2014 Waterbirth Photo Contest

Did you take photos during your waterbirth or even hire a birth photographer?  The Annual Waterbirth Photography Contest is in full swing.  Submit your photos between January 14th and February 4th to be entered into the Contest.  Judges will award cash prizes based on popular vote on March 4th, 2014
Top prize is $500 USD 

Submit your photos HERE



Help support the realization of our make waterbirth an available option for all women.


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Barbara Harper was interviewed for 

the One World Birth Project recently

on a trip to the UK.  Watch her discuss 

topics on why waterbirth is not in most US hospitals and why people are afraid of infection in birth pools.

Why is water birth so controversial?


View Barbara Harper's Blog

 On the Road with Barbara Harper 


Waterbirth in the Media..


February 2013

Barbara is interviewed for the Times of India. This article appeared in all major cities all over India.
Read the story here... 

August 11, 2012

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center has a hospital wide training on July 18th & 19th and facilitates their first waterbirth three weeks later.  Read the story here....

Mothers Day 2012

Elmer, New Jersey nurse midwife, Karen Shields, is interviewed about waterbirth program at Elmer Hospital.  Read the article here....

April 15, 2012

Teleseminar with Amy Deagle of
Listen to a full 30 minute interview where Barbara tells some of her history, funny stories, and the basics about waterbirth. 

March 30, 2012

Live video interviews with Barbara Harper on Tracey Rose's
The interview is on her YouTube channel -  This is the link for part 1 - just follow look in the side bar for parts 2, 3 & 4.

June 8, 2010

Barbara Harper has a candid conversation on Pregnancy Place Radio - listen regularly to Doulas, Karen Wells and Erica Matteson, who bring everything to the table from experts in birthing, practical tips and tools, candid conversations with real moms and dads…all in an effort to equip and empower parents to have more satisfying journeys in early parenting.Tuesdays at Noon Pacific


February 2, 2010

Barbara Harper interviews for in great story about Brazilan supermodel, Gisele  Bundchen's home waterbirth.  Check it out!!


New article, Embracing the Miracle, by Barbara Harper posted on two different websites: Guest Blogger on Connie Livingston's Facebook page

and at the Australian website..


Barbara Harper interviews for new blog article on Flower Power  Read the blog article here: From Belly Dancing to Waterbirth at 46


Barbara Harper interviews for October 10, 2009


While in Monterrey, Mexico for the Humanization of Birth Conference, Barbara interviewed for this international radio program. Check the site for time of broadcast.


Barbara Harper interviews for Portland based "Parenting Unplugged" August 18, 2009

Listen to the 30 minute interview with Laura and Todd Mansfield and browse their fabulous archives of radio guests.  Be sure to hear Barbara's famous last words!!  







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