"After having two hospital births, this was by far the most comfortable relaxing happy birth I've ever had. Only three hours of hard labor and she was born into the warm tub, surrounded by candles and music and family. It was beautiful."
-Leslie, mother of:
Mia Shealynn
Born 7/17/02

Andaluz Birth Center
Tualatin, OR, USA
-submitted 3/6/2007



“This was the best labor and birth of my three children. The water really helped me deal with my contractions and it was great being the first one to hold and see my baby as I reached down in the water and pulled her out. I instantly cradled her in my arms and I was the first to confirm that we had a girl. That was great.”
-Loretta, mother of:

Odilla Elise
Born at home 12/2/2006
Buffalo, NY, USA
submitted 3/5/2007



“It was amazing!! Right after Tim was born, I said, "I want to do this again!!"
-Robin, mother of:
Timothy James
Born 7/13/2007
Family Birthing Center of Upland
Upland, CA, USA
submitted 3/2/2007





“I hadn't actually planned a water birth (I had planned a land home birth), but found I had to get in the bath as soon as I was in labour, and stayed there until he was born! My labour lasted about 6 hours, I used no drugs, and had only a slight labial graze. It was a wonderful experience, and I will definitely be planning a water birth for my next baby!”
-Jennifer, mother of:
Born at home 2/27/2007
Swindon, UK

submitted 3/02/2007




“2.5 hour labor, my father and husband were with me in the birth pool, and held me up. I got in the water about 20 minutes before Emma was born. She was my biggest baby, at 8 lbs, and I didn’t tear, which to me was a miracle, because with my other 3 children, I had had 3rd degree tearing after episiotomy. My brother and mother lifted her from the water when she was born, and we all had a good cry..... It was glorious. I now help women give birth, many of them at home and I always share my home/water birth story. I also rent a birth tub to my clients because I believe in waterbirth that much J”
-Jenifer, mother of:
Emma Lorraine
Born at home 8/6/2002
Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
submitted 3/1/2007


Birth Story: The Hospital Birth of Laila Willow

“My water broke at 5:30 in the morning on 8-30-03. I woke my husband and we started calling family and the midwives. The midwife wanted me to go ahead to the hospital since my water had broken. I had hoped to labor at home for awhile, but this being my first baby I decided to do what the midwife wanted. We got to the hospital at around 8am. My mother was there as well and we brought in all my labor supplies, including the Gentle Birth Pool.


This hospital had never had a water birth before, so everyone was a bit nervous and curious about it. The nurses weren't convinced that I was in labor, because my contractions weren't really anything to write home about, but the test to see if my water had broken came back positive I got to stay. My labor progressed slowly...my contractions coming on gently and plateauing instead of peaking. The nurses were getting jumpy because I wouldn't sit down and I wouldn't keep the belt thingy on.


Then at about 9pm I hit transition. Wow! By this time I had gotten in the tub (YAY!) I was having back labor and my contractions were really getting the best of me. It took everything I had to keep on top of things and keep from freaking out. I just had to keep talking to Laila, telling her that I would be holding her soon. My husband was rubbing my back and my Mom was rubbing my head. What I remember being the most painful was about every hour those pesky nurses would make me get out of the tub and into the bed to monitor the baby. Those few "dry" contractions that I had to deal with were the worst pain that I had ever dealt with. I was completely unprepared for the difference. Pretty soon I just started refusing to get out.


When I was complete, they tried to get me out of the tub. HA! Needless to say, Laila was born about 20 min later in the water. I lifted her up to my chest and just cried and cried. What a beautiful little being. I relaxed into David's arms and he just held both of us. It was beautiful."

-Lennae, mother of :

Leila Willow
Born 10/30/2003
Overland Park Regional Medical Center
Overland Park, KS, USA

submitted 2/28/2007


Birth Story: The Home Birth of Lilliana Grace

"After laboring for almost 24 hours with contractions about 10 min apart I decided to go take a shower. I kind of had the mentality of “Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow.” I sat down in the bottom of the shower and just let the water beat down and concentrated on breathing through the contractions that I was slowly coming to realize were much closer together than before. I asked David to get Mom up, I needed her. Mom came in and talked me through contractions, rubbing when I needed it, trying to keep me loose. Then I started to shake and shiver uncontrollably. That’s when David called Carrie back. So Carrie started back down to Little Rock, and we moved into the living room to try to find a better position to labor in.

I found that reclining up against David, and having Mom rub my legs during contractions helped me stay on top of them. While I was trying to get comfy, I threw up. I had not gotten the shakes, or thrown up during my labor with Laila. Carrie and Renae arrived at about 1am. I was way off in “Labor Land” by this time, so this was all a bit blurry to me. I was really scared for her to check my cervix because of my fear that these contractions, that were taking all I had to stay on top of, weren't doing anything. However my fears were unfounded, I was completely effaced and 7cm dilated.


At this point I thought it was past time to hop in the tub. As soon as I got in there, the water completely relaxed me and I just curled up and let David hold me for a while. My contractions were much more manageable in the water and I felt that I might be able to pull this thing off after all. Soon, however, I felt that I needed more support, and I asked David to get in the tub with me. He got in and just held me and I curled up in his arms and just felt like he was lending me his strength to get through the last part of this labor.


I was feeling pretty tapped out at this time. My contractions actually stopped at this point. Carrie asked if I felt the need to push. I really didn't feel the overwhelming urge like I had when it was time to push with Laila. Carrie said that she thought I was complete and if we broke the bag of waters that I would have the urge to start pushing. I just wanted to lay in David's arms and catch my breath. When I had gathered myself, Carrie broke my water, and BAM! I had to push. Looking back, it was such a blessing to be able to rest for those few minutes before pushing.


The next contraction came and her head was born. I actually felt her crown and slide out of my body with my hand. Wow! Then I gave little pushes to deliver the shoulders, which sure felt bigger than her head, and she was here!


Lillianna Grace Rodriguez arrived into my life at 2:45 am on November 1, 2006. We brought her up out of the water and laid her on my chest. Carrie handed be a towel to cover her with, and Lillianna began to squeek. No crying, just a squeek or two. Then she latched on. Laila wasn't interested in nursing right away, so I was really excited that this child was ready to nurse! We just relaxed there in the water for awhile, just the three of us. What a wonderful and awesome experience.


After about 20 minutes, everyone helped me out of the tub and I leaned against David while the placenta was delivered. Carrie showed us what all she looked for when she examined the placenta, and everything looked good. They helped me into the bedroom where I relaxed in bed with my baby while they did all the after birth examinations on the both of us. Laila was sprawled out in the middle of the bed, completely zonked out, through all of this. All of a sudden she looked MUCH bigger than she had earlier in the day. Carrie went over with David, Jacq and Mom how to take our vitals every so often and what to watch out for. She helped me to the bathroom and then made sure I got tucked back into bed before she and Renae left. It was about 5am."

-Linnae, mother of:


Lilliana Grace
Born at home 11/1/2006
Little Rock, AR, USA

submitted 2/28/2007

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