"Jah'Neil was my first child, and since high school I knew I wanted a water birth after seeing a program on woman birthing in the water and sometimes in the open natural waters. Anyhow bringing my son into the world while in a relaxing tub was my "dream labor" for him, I loved it and I love my waterbirth baby!"

-Erycka, mother of:

Jah'Neil Amal
Born at home 1/17/2001
Long Island, NY, USA
-submitted 3/6/207



"I was induced with Cervadil at 4 pm due to pregnancy hypertension. After 30 minutes contractions started. By 6:30 I was 5 centimeters and my water broke during a pelvic exam. From that point on I labored in the water. My midwife would periodically check the baby's heart rate with a doppler, all the while I was in the water. About 10 pm I had gotten out to go to the bathroom and then had my midwife do a pelvic exam. I was 8 centimeters and 100% effaced. I got back into the tub and was on my knees laying my head and arms on the side. I did not have another contraction after that exam but within 15 had this incredible urge to push. With 2 pushes Chase came plunging into the water, it was 10:28 pm December 16th 2005. My midwife said he almost hit the bottom of the tub because he literally shot out. I held him for quite some time then got out to deliver the placenta. It was then that I first nursed him."

-Dawn, mother of:

Chase Alexander
Born 12/16/2005
Hackettstown Medical Center
Hackettstown, NJ, USA

-submitted 3/6/2007



Birth Story: The Birth of Sage Elea

"My husband Shane and I moved to Orange County three years ago. We immediately found a Birth Center in our county and got pregnant. I began my care with the Birth Center CNM with some reservations. Something just didn't feel right. I shook off the feeling and told myself that this was my only option. About 6 months into my pregnancy after lots of research and thought, I found myself ready for a homebirth. I was surfing the internet and came across the Blessed Beginnings website. I was so impressed by how warm and loving Sue and Karen looked and I filed their names away in my mind.

My pregnancy proceeded along nicely until I was 8 months along. I was measuring small and so the CNM sent me in for an ultrasound. When the results came back she announced that my fluids were too low and that we would have to think about induction!! Well I didn't like the sound of that! I wasn't worried; I drank plenty of water, took good care of myself and I just felt deep down that everything was fine. I began seeing a whole new side of my midwife, a side I didn't like, very medical and unfeeling. Then she had me come in for Non Stress Test (NST) and she said she didn't like the results; the baby wasn't moving enough. My husband called the CNM and spoke with her. She mentioned "liability" several times. Well, now we knew the reason for her concern. She had shown her true colors. We later discovered that this CNM was referred to by many people as a "med-wife" a title given to her because of her reliance on technologies such as NST, Stress tests and her high rate of inductions and C-sections. So what could we do? My due date loomed in the near future (2 weeks) and we didn't trust our CNM.

So we called Sue. I told her my story and she thought it over and accepted me for care. She came to visit twice at our home and both times I was impressed by her knowledge, her caring concern and her happy personality. I hardly knew her but I felt completely confident in her abilities. One side note about Birth Center CNM, when my husband called her to inform her that we were ending care with her the only thing she had to say was, "I'll transfer you to the person who handles financial." Nice midwife huh? Not a question about why we were leaving or if we had found another caregiver. That sealed the deal for Shane and I. We knew we had made the right decision in leaving the Birth Center and choosing Sue.

All day Saturday Feb. 19th I had menstrual type cramps. Irritating but not debilitating. Then around 9 PM I started timing my contractions and they were between 5-7 minutes apart. They stayed that way all night. I lay in our bed listening to Hypnobabies CDs and catching little cat naps. Then around 5 AM I called my doula. I let my husband sleep in and woke him at 7 AM. My doula came at 10 AM, Sue (my midwife) came at 11 AM and checked me; I was 5 cm. dilated. She went right to work filling the tub and preparing everything. At around 11:30 I stepped into the tub and it was pure bliss, there was no getting me out of there. Karen joined Sue soon after to assist. I was in hypnosis all the time during the labor and delivery so things are a bit of a blur. I kept my eyes closed most of the time. I heard Sue coming in and out checking on me; she was so respectful of my need for peace and quiet.

Our baby turned posterior at the end and Sue told me that she was probably acynclitic (she had a big old goose egg on the side of her head) which means pushing was a little more difficult than normal. Sue and Karen were fantastic coaches, asking me what I needed, suggesting different positions and reminding me how to push. After about 45 minutes of pushing our sweet little Sage was born at 3:35 PM. Birth at home in the water was so wonderful. Everything I ever dreamed of."

-Alicia, mother of:

Sage Elea
Born at home 2/20/2005
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA

-submitted 3/7/2007

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