"Having a water birth made the all-natural option even better! My husband and I love the fact that our son was born in the water!"
-Jo, mother of:

Maxwell Royce
Born 6/21/2005
Birth Center
Arnold, MD, USA
submitted 7/11/2006


“Second waterbirth, first at home. Most beautiful experience to be the first to touch the little person who has been so close yet so unknown for so long. I will never forget seeing his little head with the hair moving in the water, and then -shwoop!- out with one push, looking as though he was swimming away to explore the birth pool. He gets so excited now, at 8 months, when he hears the bathtub running. I will always attribute that excitement to our lovely experience of his coming into the world in water. For me, there is no other way to labor or give birth. When I think of another child, it is the thought of birthing in water that gets me past the remembrance of the physical pain, and able to say "yes" more times than I ever thought I would.”
-Mindelyn, mother of:

Gregor William
Born at home 7/1/2006
Saginaw, MI, USA
submitted 2/28/2007



“The birth of my last child was beautiful. It has been almost three years now, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. I labored in the water and three hours later she was born gently into this world in the water. It was a peaceful and beautiful moment.”
-Gay, mother of:

Lydia Mari
Born in a Hospital
Anderson, IN, USA
submitted 2/27/2007

Birth Story: The Orgasmic Birth of Neven Dane

“I was having a strange dream and in my dream I was not pregnant but I had a contraction in my dream. I did not wake from the dream until the second contraction hit , which was only a moment later. I got up and saw the time was 11:24pm and then went to the restroom. Within a moment, another contraction started and lasted for a long time. I tried to lay back down and then another contraction hit me and made it impossible for me to lie on my back. I woke my husband up and said that I thought it was time but I was worried because the contractions were very close together. Since this was our first baby I thought we would be in labor together for 18 or more hours.

I went to the restroom again while my husband fell back to sleep. I then tried to lay down again with no success and then said to my husband "at least one of us is getting some rest" at which point he woke up and got out of bed to help me. My Aunt was awake and wanted to know if she could help. We told her that we were going to take a short walk to help relax and not to worry. This, we told her, wasn't going to be a fast thing (boy were we wrong). After a walk that lasted five minutes or less we came back home. I went to the bathroom again and got into a warm shower. The contractions at that point made me very vocal and were strong, long and close together. I made Brandon call the birth center back and tell them we were on our way. After that Brandon and my Aunt scurried around to put my bag together.


We were about to walk out the door when I said "wait I have to pee again".(I used an entire roll of toilet paper that night). I lost my plug right before we left for the birth center at 3:15am. We lived about 15 minutes away from the birth center. My Aunt followed in her own car, as my husband sped down the road with me yelling at the top of my lungs. The contractions were not painful, but they were such a different feeling that the only urge I had was to be vocal - very vocal.


We got to the birth center at 3:30am. We got upstairs just as another contraction started. I was asked if I wanted them to check and see how far along I was and for the first time during my pregnancy had a short vaginal exam. I was told that I was at seven centimeters. I was so scared that I was at one or two that when they said "seven" I kept asking Brandon if they were joking or teasing me. I was told that just because I was seven centimeters didn't mean it was going to go fast, so it could still take awhile. I told them, " I know but I don't think it's going to be very long".


I was so relaxed in the water that it seemed like my contractions slowed down, so my husband went to tell my Aunt what was going on . Right away I started to have another contraction. My husband had been rubbing my lower back the whole time and when I felt someone else's hand, I freaked out, yelling, "Oh my God he left me!" The midwife said, " no, he's just telling your Aunt what's going on, to which I yelled, "I don't care I need him in here NOW!" My cell phone started to ring and Brandon said it's Grandma and Amber and once again I yelled, "I don't care I need you in here NOW!"


I didn't even realize I was pushing, but two pushes later we had a head and one great big push, which was actually one big ORGASM, later we had a baby. I caught my baby and held it for about 5 minutes before we even looked to see what we had. (We didn't want to know what we were having so after he was born we looked at the ultrasound and it said we were having a girl). We let the umbilical cord stop pulsing on its own before we cut our son free of my body and let him start his new life.


Neven was born at 4:26am June 9th, 2006. I had read no books on giving birth and did not find out until later that birth could even be orgasmic. Neven's birth did not hurt at all - it was orgasmic!! I can't wait to have another opportunity to bring life in such an amazing and natural way.”

-Lillian, mother of:

Neven Dane
Born 6/9/2006
Andaluz Waterbirth Center
Tualatin, OR, USA


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